Yeah yeah yeah, don’t get me wrong, I do understand why people say that music helps them escape from the reality they live in.
However, to me, that sounds really negative when something as beautiful as a life that has music in it could be seen in a different and more beautiful light.
Yes, Injustice sucks, poverty sucks, War sucks, and many things on this planet suck. No denying… And riding the journey of music is like riding the journey of life itself. As a saying goes by Dan Brown; “Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light”.
That’s what I try to portrait with this, too. life, in general..
And maaan, is it hard sometimes to put your chin up when all I want to do is destroy. It’s only natural! Especially when I had one Bourbon too many 😂
Live, laugh and love!
And play that Funky music whiteboiii !!!
#nonstopquotestoday! Haha
If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to come with your heart in your hand and always feel free to reach out. Much love !
Tommyboiii !

Heroin used by a friend many years ago held me in a place of darkness I had rather not seen. But, the seen can’t be unseen. It broke his whole family apart. Hope was all lost. And all I could do was observe as I had no idea about how to help. I was so young. Recently, I remembered it all again and in my living room I had my guitar in my hand and recorded the guitar part on my phone, the rest was in my studio.

This example is of how quick it all went wrong. “Heroin”.

Please, remember that addictions of those kinds take over the brain, and little can one take personally when it’s running in their vain…

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