Hi! I’m Tommy. And this is my first blog. I have no idea how this works yet. And I wanted you to know that. hahaha, you’re welcome.

So, I take it that was the title. I then must write things about me here, right? We,, I haven’t accidentally deleted anything yet, so I must be going okay. If you can even access this. I’ll figure that out later. No, I don’t know when.

I’m sitting with my bare feet up on my living room table, laptop on my lap with that movie Eat Pray Love on in the background, with Julia Roberts in it. It’s Mothers Day today, as it is every day, for me. Liisa just blew out the candles, went to bed and I have an interview with the Free Amigos Podcast tomorrow that I’m very excited about. I think this will be a fun one. (See the About Me section). Good feeling about it. I take it I can Hyperlink the interview it here.  Maybe it works, maybe not! You may find out, or you may not! Maybe I’ll never know! Am I suppose to use smiley faces?  Am I not? I guess I can do whatever the heck I want to do here, huh? (So, I tried to do Emojies but the turned freaking hUUUUUge… so, I’m not doing that haha!)

When the smell of the dying candle wax comes by, it always tells me that it’s bedtime. As a child, my parents always had candles on and the fireplace going. When I’d come down the stairs in the morning I’d smell the room, a cosy and slightly stuffy smokey memory and it was always nice and warm. A very safe memory.

My crazy dad always ordered loads of wood and built giant walls in the living room and outside in the back yard with little wooden crates built into them where he’d place bottles of wine, an ashtray some beer mats on which one could place their drink hahaha, he’s always facilitating the facility to have a drink. But, only with good vibes. Always, only good vibes. And great music. Always great music. Man, my mom and dad are two of the most fantastic people I’ve ever met. I know I haven’t explained much yet about them but, when you know them, you’ll know it too. Through all my journeys, goods and bads, they were and still are my northern stars home. The way to right and away from wrong.

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