How To Get More Done What You Love

Captured in the backland behind our house before dropping our little daughter off at daycare.

If your priority is taking photos, take photos. If your priority is cooking, cook. If your priority is making people happy, go make people happy.

This can be as simply replacing one Netflix night a week and fill it with what you’re passionate about. Or do that 5 nights a week and treat yourself the other 2. = 5 nights x 3 hours is 15 hours that you’ll 1, not waste time filling your head with crap and actually work on what you really want to do. And you’ll thank yourself for this even after one month, which equals 60 hours of passionate work. I mean, that kind of time you just can’t get back. These numbers show that we basically waste one week’s worth of work per month on filling our heads with nonsense. You already knew this. You just need to be aware that within the comfort zone, there’s little to no growth. If that’s what you want to do and achieve not following your heart and passion, unless that’s watching TV, you stand the chance of waiting for that day where you regret not having taken action when you still could. And advice your grandkids to go after their dreams. Fuck that! Are you really gonna go down that road? Knowing this is gonna happen? Your choice entirely!

Leave your house 10 minutes earlier to take some photos in the morning. Man, the process is something I’m so stoked about. For me, however, leaving the house early does not work, rarely happens ‘coz I take photos of where I already am. 99 out of 100 I’m going somewhere and don’t deliberately go “out out” to shoot. The photo you see above is like most of my shots. I see something that has beauty or potential, I run to it to not lose that moment in time. I LOVE that shit! But, that’s just me. That’s why I’ll never be the photographer I wAnt to wAnt to be. That’s different than actually wanting to be it and going for it. No, I’m music, family and friends, helping the lesser privileged and humour, photography is not in my personal priority. This is a friend of mine who is an incredibly talented human on so many levels, and on this particular topic, photography, I simply see him as a master: Barry Callister

But, those things I do make time for and hence, my library of all those topics whether its humanitarian, travels, music, is huge! And then, when you realize what your passion is, you run to it. Just let that desire take you. You can always change your mind later. Time will never be wasted on anything you do passion-based, EVER! If you ever feel that way, contact me immediately and I’ll send you a virtual slap in the face hahaha! Filled with love hahaha!

Get up one hour earlier than the rest of the house to read motivational books and start the day off with the right mindset. What can one add to this other than actually doing it? Get informed on your passion and start reading about it or research the ones that inspire you. Then create your own time set aside to sit and read or learn about the mindset that is needed for you to stay on the path and remain motivated before you slip back onto that couch. Or are you gonna be that couch potato? I can’t think of anything less sexy, personally. I also want to be in shape for my woman. Sounds macho. But, it’s not meant that way. I intend to be physically fit and able to defend my tribe. throw my kid in the air as I please. Hold up a cabinet for a longer time, or break down a wall with a sledgehammer. And when I’m 75, like my dad, be able to do the very physical things he does that even 50-year-olds struggle with. Just stay busy and active, don’t slouch, stay up, strong, able and fit also means mentally, as we know they go hand in hand.

Whatever it is that your gut, heart, body or soul desires and feels to prioritize, you can easily make a little bit of time for what fulfils you most to find the deepest depths of your own happiness. If this means you must say NO more to things to fill those time slots. That will add a significant amount of time to your day.

Have a fulfilled day,

Your boy, Tommyboiii !

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