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My name is Tommy Gielingh and I’m from The Netherlands. I'm a full-time musician, Singer-Songwriter, Benefit Concert, and music producer, serial entrepreneur, and due to my vast amount of experience in the service industry, I specialize in the social environment and serve as a human connector and advisor.

I’m a traveler since birth, my parents were both professional musicians and heavily entrepreneurs in the hospitality world. Let’s face it, it’s a miracle I made it out of the nest alive.
My musical education started before I was born. My mother is a singer and I literally came out singing harmonies.
At the age of 6, I started playing piano, on the road in the caravan at age of 10 my keyboard plug was broken and my dad taught me the basics of guitar. Between the nightlife in Spain, where we thankfully stranded, I started my first Rock band at 13, recorded albums, and played tons of shows and big festivals all over Spain. I was 21, I built up a 10-year career already, I was a headhunted bartender with a musical passion, who outlived the city's potential and simply... had to go. I grabbed my guitar and a bag and continued my musical education in Guitar studies at G.I. at Thames Valley University in London while making a living in both hospitality and working as a guitarist in Multi-Cultural churches. Soon I realized through my travels and upbringing in different countries and languages, I had gained a feel for all genres and had taught myself multiple instruments along the way, and commenced working full-time as a guitarist, drummer, and Bassist with Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, and Funk artists.

After graduating, I worked 2 1/2 years as a musician on cruise ships all over the world, really honing in on learning songs and Lead singing and vocal harmonies and soon I became a full-time singer, Guitarist, and frontman of a band. I mastered my craft in performance for the live shows and at night, after the party was over, in my cabin I dove deep into the world of recording and completely obsessing on tracking takes and making anything sound like something. It was a magical world, floating around the world's oceans and seas while getting paid to master what you love most. However, we worked so hard, the whole band was injured and we physically had to jump ship!

I moved to Edinburgh to follow my heart and due to my injury, I managed to play Drums though and sing harmonies in multiple bands, toured England, Wales, and Scotland. It was a blast. After having gained a lifetime's worth of education and research in sound technology, I took a break from the heavy road and became the Head Sound engineer in a 5* Hotel / Private concert hall called Prestonfield for high profile award ceremonies, Galas, fashion shows, and concerts in Scotlands Capital, beautiful Edinburgh.

2 years later, my wife and I moved to America. There I became a professional session Singer-Songwriter, session Guitarist, Drummer, and some Bass, session music producer for poets and activists, and later also a benefit concert producer. Within a few weeks after landing in America, I had set up a full-time working band that worked every day. 7-10 shows a week. After gaining some demand, I started doing live show and studio session work and traveled the East coast up and down from New York all the way down to Key West out to Memphis TN for artists of all genres, events, and competitions. As I was already recording my own material in multiple studios and I soon gained the hurt of living there, by witnessing gun violence a little too close to home a little too often and the racial inequality was simply unjustified in my mind. Some of my/our songs I collaborated with hundreds of people, including dozens of equally passionate non-profit organizations, Rotary Clubs, City Officials, and Mayors, cities biggest venues, Media companies, sponsorships, and the music and art scene, basically the movers and the shakers of the city. Or, the entire city. And out of those songs fundraising benefit concerts were born into my life. I later learned that some of our attendees were inspired by these acts and went and did the same for their own causes. That is the ultimate win. If winning were to be a part. Thanks to the drive in us and the support we have, we are able to now help, re-educate and provide housing and medical care for numerous homeless communities. Unify and support racial equity and social justice keeping the eye on the ball of internal happiness as the quote goes by Dr. King:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.".

I learned again that, music truly is medicine to a soul, to us all.

It was a heavy run. And after 8 amazing years we sold everything and longed very much for our return to Europe, and finally have a child in where my wife is from, Finland, whom I met back in Spain, those many years ago.

I currently do session work from my home studio and we part-take in sessions on all corners of the globe with a vast network of loyal and incredible musicians of all genres in collaboration with multiple studios.

My goal in life is to always continue showing up as a server, to all businesses and all I encounter. Work with the heart, keep producing music, expand without fear, keep a healthy mindset, and inspire others to believe they too can achieve their wildest dreams.

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Tommy is a guest on The Free Amigos Podcast. Covering how in today's world artists can make money with their art.

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